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Credit Is One Of Your Most Precious Possessions...

Credit represents your financial status, ability to fulfill your dreams, personal honor, and trustworthiness.

If it seems like it is easy to establish credit, it's because our economy is healthy and job opportunities are now at a high level. So, what lenders are saying when they issue you a credit card is that they have confidence in your future.

So much so, that many of the leaders in the credit industry have come together to sponsor CreditPage®. Their objective is to help you become a smarter borrower and to help improve your financial picture - without getting into trouble.

But What If You Already Have A Lot Of Debt?

Take our Credit Alert Test. It will help you determine if you're headed for trouble. And, if you are... don't despair! Call your lenders or a credit counselor right away to find out what type of program may be available to help you improve your situation. They are on YOUR side and DON'T want you to live under financial pressure... especially if your situation reaches a point where you may consider filing bankruptcy. Bankruptcy has pitfalls that can actually ruin your way of life.

CreditPage® will show you how to work yourself out of a tight financial situation - something you can do even before you begin receiving those distressing past due notices and calls.

Most important, we will introduce you to credit counseling, the smart alternative to bankruptcy. Credit counseling can help you get out of financial trouble without ruining your credit. Plus, you'll discover how to re-establish credit if you've had serious problems.

You Can Learn All About Managing Your Credit Wisely

Few of us have cash to buy a car, a home, or pay for college tuition expenses outright. You need to maintain good credit. At CreditPage®, you'll find out how to manage your credit more wisely to make your dreams come true.

CreditPage will help you discover various types of credit available to you... and which credit option might be the best choice for your particular needs.

You'll learn how to establish credit and how to keep your borrowing costs down. You'll also learn how to protect your credit.

Most Important... Don't Forget To Order Your Credit Report

At CreditPage®, you can order your credit report and receive it securely in seconds. You'll learn how to understand your report and correct errors. Plus, we'll explain your rights as a borrower and what to expect if you're ever contacted by a collection agency or attorney regarding a delinquent debt.

Credit is an extremely important and vital part of today's economy. YOU just can't get along without it!