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What About Fixing Bad Credit?

Sometimes you will see an advertisement with a 900 number offering to give you credit, fix your credit report or a bad credit history, "consolidate debts" - or you will find a company that requests a finder's fee to set you up with a credit card.

These offers look too good to be true. They usually are. Investigate them carefully and DON'T be misled by scams. There is absolutely NO WAY to instantly repair a bad credit history. Only time and up to 7 years of paying your bills promptly will improve your credit history and the information contained on your credit report.

If you are credit worthy, a legitimate lender will lend you money without charging a finders fee. You just need to be persistent.

If you are NOT credit worthy, someone may be willing to take a risk, but you will pay for their risk. They will charge a higher interest rate, "processing fees" and other fees and expenses to help hedge against the risk. It's up to you to investigate what the total cost of the loan will be and decide whether it's worth it.

You may also see ads offering to repair your credit. Beware! There is no way of getting instant good credit. Building a credit history takes time. If you question the services offered, you may get evasive answers, or statements that imply help without actually commiting to any results-all for a fee. Repairing your credit is a process that you can't shortcut. Companies that try to charge you for repairing your credit cannot deliver what they promise.